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Why Romance Obviously No Good

Juni 9, 2012

Created By: Erik Indarto

Roads are made of jelly

Theyre talking so slowly

Can I ask you this confession?


When the gold is in a silence

Scars show their existence

But never mind my never mine

Lays is a better now


Cold wind blows my ears

And I cry without a tears

Trees with your name they whispered

I shout it out to bring you here


And a letter youd written

Sketches full of treasure

Like goodnight Erik, pleasant dream

Dreams of a rainbows and butterfly and candy


But I got it all wrong


So I hang myself on this necklace

And spill it down on your graceful face

Spend every night breathe in to your photographs

So my regrets shall follow you to the grave


Coz I got it all wrong

So I cut it for you


From → Galau Room

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