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The Pirate of This Whole April

Juni 9, 2012

Created By: Erik Indarto



Again I asked you bout the weather

Again three sentences conversation

I captured every moment of this

Wrote it down and wait for you to know this

But you notice nothing


I wish that I could feel like this forever

When the smell after the rain is in the air

A perfect pretending with a smile that I faked

Dont you know I faked it, I faked it


And you did it great

And I bite my tongue

So I carved it on my arm

With those accent you played this senses you made

and the voices of the strings that slaughtered me


if only I could think like anyone does

its just an umbrella and the water that falls

with lies beneath your refusal I swear it was my last time

now Im begging you, I beg you nothing at all


coz Im glad that youve got the bigger one

or the sweater that could gave you warmth


Gives you warmth, keeps you warm


So here I am with all of mine

May your days be straight and shine

Happy birthday, Galuh


From → Galau Room

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